Technical Information

Gap Length

Setting bias for your tape machine can be a confusing topic.

We are here to help.

Determining your gap length

In the menu below select the manufacturer and find the model of your machine.
This will show you the gap length for that machine which you can use with our chart of recommended overbias per speeds for our premium ATR analog tape.

We will be updating the list with more machines in the future


ATR Master Tape Technical Data

ATR Master Tape provides for high-output, low-noise recording with an industry-standard bias compatibility. Our advanced preparation and coating techniques produce a consistent, high quality product that meets the needs of professional recording studios and hi-fidelity enthusiasts alike. Tape CareTM packaging for improved archival storage and transportation.


MDS-36 Technical Data

MDS-36 is the latest addition to the ATR Magnetics line of audio recording products. MDS-36 is the long-playing version of our ATR Master Tape that engineers and musicians have come to love. We named MDS-36 in commemoration of company founder and industry leader Michael D. Spitz. Coated on the highest quality 1.0 mil polyester film, MDS-36 provides excellent performance and reel-to-reel consistency. Our new formulation offers high output and low noise with improved recording economy, and is bias compatible with ATR Master Tape requiring minimal adjustment for optimal performance.