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Align Your Tape Machine with A Smart Device

MARA MACHINES released a new application for aligning a tape machine.
Currently the application is for iOS only.
The application will take you step by step through the calibration process, so that your machine is working the way it's intended.

MaraTapeCal App

Now Shipping on Blue and Red Reels!

ATR MAGNETICS now releasing all their 1/4" and 1/2" ATR Master Tape and MDS-36 tape on Blue and Red flanges. 
All of our finished reels are packed in non-acidic black plastic TapeCare boxes. 
Order direct by phone, online at or from one of our worldwide dealers. 




MDS-36 is the latest addition to the ATR Magnetics line of audio recording products. MDS-36 is the long-playing version of our ATR Master Tape that engineers and musicians have come to love. We named MDS-36 in commemoration of company founder and industry leader Michael D. Spitz. Coated on the highest quality 1.0 mil polyester film, MDS-36 provides excellent performance and reel-to-reel consistency. Our new formulation offers high output and low noise with improved recording economy, and is bias compatible with ATR Master Tape requiring minimal adjustment for optimal performance. 

MDS-36 is available in ¼” width and 3,600 foot length on 10.5” NAB metal reels or in flangeless “pancake” form supplied on NAB hubs.  

Order direct by phone, online at or from one of our worldwide dealers. 


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