ProChrome MDS Cassette Tape (C-90; Box of 10)

ProChrome MDS Cassette Tape (C-90; Box of 10)


ATR Magnetics recently acquired a stock of the, increasingly scarce, BASF Super Chrome Cassette tape. We value the increasing popularity in the cassette medium and would like to provide a source for you, our loyal costumers. The chrome, type II cassette stock provides you with the gold standard of master cassette recording.

ProChrome MDS is a C-90 Chrome Type II cassette tape. This tape has a total run time of 45 minutes per side, and supplies up to 4dB more output than other chrome tapes. Utilizing proper equipment and setting, you will get a recording that has more dynamic range and a higher signal to noise ratio. This translates to higher fidelity.

Comes in a Box of 10. 

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